July 30, 2023

Tenzin’s realization in the heart of the storm

Children’s story about self-confidence and primordial trust:

In a secluded village, hidden in the wrinkled edges of the Tibetan mountains, lived a blind boy named Tenzin. Tenzin’s world was characterized by fears and uncertainties. Although he had never seen the colors of the sunset or the glow of the mountain peaks, he heard countless stories about them.

One day, a wise old monk came to the village. He heard about Tenzin and his fears and asked to meet him. “Tenzin,” said the monk, “Certainly I have heard praising words about you, but also of the burden that lies heavy on your heart. Is it your wish to loosen the bonds of fear?”. The boy nodded in humility and said, “Yes, master, it is my wish.”. The monk nodded and spoke “I wish to take you on a journey. Every day, for the next year, I want us to climb together the mountain that overlooks your village.”

Fear came over Tenzin. Tenzin had heard many stories of hikers who had tried to climb what must have been a massive mountain and never returned. The idea alone triggered deep fears in him. How could he, a blind boy, hold his own in such a wilderness? What if he got lost or became a to big burden for the monk? But the monk reassured him and promised, “I will be by your side, Tenzin. I will be with you every step of the way.”

With a sense of fear, uncertainty, doubt and at the same time hope in his heart, Tenzin began his journey. Every noise, every unknown feeling under his feet increased his fears. But the monk was always there, helping him up, reassuring him and encouraging him to go on. Despite numerous falls and stumbles, he learned to find a mysterious security in the monk’s presence and in the patterns of the world beneath his feet.

One day, in the middle of their journey, nature unleashed a blizzard of epic force. The storm was so intense that Tenzin and the monk were separated. Tenzin was overcome with panic. Memories of the stories came flooding back. After a while, however, Tenzin remembered the security he had felt around the monk and the teachings he had taught him. Although he could not see the path, he could feel it, hear it, and almost taste it.

Despite the separation, Tenzin knew he could take the next step. With the memory of the monk’s calm presence in his heart, he dared to walk alone through the storm, step by step, confident that he was not alone.

When the storm subsided, he felt the familiar presence of the monk at his side. They had found each other again. They continued their journey and finally reached the top of the mountain.

There the monk asked Tenzin, “Tenzin, how do you feel now that you are standing on the top of the mountain?” Tenzin replied in a calm voice: “Master, I realized – although I cannot see the way, I know that I can go on. I know that despite everything, I am not alone.”

The monk smiled and nodded. “The first thing, Tenzin, is what we call ‘self-confidence.’ You’ve learned to trust in yourself that you can handle anything and find a way, even when you literally can’t see the way. The second, Tenzin, is what we call ‘primordial trust’. You have learned to also trust that things will turn out for the good and to trust in those who stand by your side, no matter what storms may temporarily separate you. And with self-confidence and basic trust, you can climb any mountain in your life.”

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