October 19, 2023

Tenzin and the seed

Children’s story about self-worth and the importance of a supportive environment:

One day, the blind boy Tenzin was wandering through the rolling hills of Tibet. He felt sad and confused because the other children in the village always told him he was too slow and would never achieve anything. “You blind fish” they often mocked him “You are too small, too slow and too clumsy. With your blindness, nothing can come of you.” they often said. Due to his blindness, Tenzin also perceived many things that happened around him differently than his friends and often met with incomprehension. “You again!” his friends often replied annoyed.
To seek answers, he went to the wise monk Dorje, who lived in a lonely hut in the mountains.

When he arrived, Dorje smiled and said, “Ah, Tenzin! You look like you’re carrying heavy on something much bigger than yourself. Sit down and tell me what’s on your mind.”

Tenzin sat down and said, “I don’t know, Master Dorje. The other kids say I’m not good enough. They mock me. Some others even avoid me. I feel worthless and don’t know what to do.”

Dorje smiled wisely and began to tell a story: “Long ago, there was a small, inconspicuous seed that lay in the ground under a large tree. The seed was often overlooked by the other plants and animals. Some even said it was useless and would never become anything special.”

“So the seed lay there and was sad. But one day it decided it didn’t want to hide any longer. It used all its energy to grow. But the earth was stony, and the great tree cast a great shadow. It seemed almost impossible for that little seed to become a big plant.”

“Then the wind said to the seed, ‘You may be small, but that doesn’t mean you’re worthless. Let me take you to another place where you can grow better.’ The wind took the seed and placed it in a sunny spot, far away from the big tree and the stony ground.”

“With time and under the warm sun, the seed grew into a magnificent flower that delighted everyone with its beauty and fragrance. It was finally in the place where it was valued and where it could find its true purpose.”

After Dorje finished the story, he looked at Tenzin and asked, “Do you recognize yourself in this story?”

Tenzin thought for a moment and replied, “Yes, I think I am like the seed. I don’t feel valuable because I’m not in the right place or because others can’t see me.”

Dorje nodded and said, “What you describe is also known as ‘self-esteem’. Sometimes we think we are worthless just because we stay in places where we cannot grow. In a place where our value is not seen. But that doesn’t mean we are really worthless. Like the seed in the parable, we need to find the right place and time to unleash our true potential.”

“How do I find this place, Master Dorje?” asked Tenzin.

Dorje replied, “By being true to yourself and not listening to the words of those who do not understand you. Be like the wind in history and look for the place where you can grow. Maybe it’s a new hobby, maybe it’s a different set of friends, or maybe it’s a path you haven’t recognized yet.”

Tenzin felt a little lighter and said, “Thank you, Master Dorje. I think I understand now that my worth doesn’t depend on what others think of me, but on how I see myself and where I can best grow.”

Dorje smiled and said, “Good, Tenzin. Always remember that you are like the flower in the story. You have the power to grow and shine no matter where you are. But it’s up to you to find the best place for it. In some places, like the seed, you will have a hard time taking root and growing.”

Tenzin left the wise monk’s hut with a new understanding of himself and his role in the world. He felt encouraged and knew that he would find his own way to grow and shine, just like the flower in the parable of the wise Dorje.

Sometimes life is like a wind that tells us we are not in the right place. The wind wants to carry us to a better place where we can be happy and grow. When we realize that we are not happy or comfortable in a place, or when we experience rejection, it is like a sign from the wind that it is time to move on. Just as a seed is carried by the wind to a place where it can grow, we too can find a place where we feel right at home.

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