October 18, 2023

The story of the sun and the moon

Children’s story about the why of separated parental ways and the unchanged love for their children:

Once upon a time, the sun and the moon lived in the same sky and had a little twinkling star daughter.

At first, everything seemed wonderful. The sun shone by day and the moon by night, while her little star daughter lit up the whole universe. But over time, the sun and the moon realized that they often got in each other’s way.

The sun loved to fill the day with its warmth and energy, while the moon preferred the night with peace and quiet.

The sun thought that life should be a constant celebration, full of light and warmth. The moon, on the other hand, appreciated the quiet beauty of darkness and believed that life also requires moments of rest and reflection. These different views led to many clouds in the sky, and the shine of both became weaker and weaker.

Both were sad and went to the wise rainbow. “Why can’t we shine at the same time, without these clouds?” they asked. The rainbow replied, “Each of you has your own wonderful way of seeing life. But when you try to unite these views in the same sky, clouds form and neither of you can really shine.”

The rainbow continued, “Sometimes it is better to shine separately. This does not mean that one view is better or worse. It just means that you both can shine in your own light best without blinding the other.”

The heard depressed them, but they knew that the rainbow was right. With heavy hearts, they explained to their star daughter that they had decided to shine at different times so that each would have their own space to shine.

The little star daughter was very sad at first and asked, “Why can’t you just stay together? Why can’t you compromise? Is it my fault?”
The sun and moon smiled lovingly at her and said, “Oh, our radiant star daughter, it’s not your fault. We love you so, so much. We want to be the best parents we can be to you, and you should be able to enjoy all the good things with both of us, instead of being two angry or frustrated parents because of our different views that cannot shine in the same sky at the same time. You know, if we were standing in the sky at the same time, neither of us could really shine. It would be like a permanent solar eclipse or a permanent crescent moon, and none of us could show our full light. But when we are separated, you can experience the fullness of the day and the fullness of the light. During the day you can play and laugh in the warm sun, and at night you can enjoy the quiet beauty of the moon and rest. You can bathe in our light without clouds blocking your view, and you can also shine all the brighter yourself.”

In the beginning, the separation was painful, and it took a while for it to become less painful when the star daughter had to say goodbye to one of her parents. The star daughter understood that both parents would always be there for her, that her parents would always love her whether they shone together or separately, and that they shone even brighter and happier than they ever could have together. Eventually she found that she herself could shine no matter where her parents were, and her world and heart were filled with love, laughter and light.

Copyright & Copyright Text & Image, Dominik Habichtsberg, 18.10.2023

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