October 17, 2023

The story of the moon and the earth

Children’s story about the power of love and connection despite physical distance:

Once upon a time, the moon shone high in the sky. He often felt lonely because he was so far from the earth. Earth, with its flourishing forests and gushing rivers, has always been a place full of life and joy for the moon.

For the earth in turn, the moon with its clear soft glow, its hills and valleys and the rabbit in the moon was always the light in the darkness.

The moon wished it could be closer to Earth, but the universe had placed them far apart. And the earth also felt the distance painfully and wished the moon was closer to her and she would see him more often. Every time the moon set, the separation hurt the earth all the more. But instead of being sad, the Moon and Earth decided to find a way to feel their love and connection, despite the great distance between them.

Every night the moon sent its light to the earth to gently illuminate it. The earth felt the light and knew that the moon was thinking of her. In turn, the Earth sent clouds into the sky to keep the moon company. So they had their own little ritual and understood that connectedness doesn’t always mean physical closeness.

One day they noticed that they both liked to watch the clouds. “See that cloud there that looks like a dragon?” asked the earth. The moon replied, “Yes, I see it. This is so beautiful!” A wind carried their thoughts back and forth, connecting them in a new way.

To please the earth, the moon sent small “gifts” in the form of shooting stars from time to time. Every time a shooting star fell, someone on Earth made a wish, and the Earth felt a wave of hope and joy. The earth also wanted to please the moon. So she collected stories of people, animals and plants and sent them to the moon through the sea breeze.

The message of the story

Physical distance does not mean that we cannot be close. Love and connection can overcome the farthest distances. As the Moon and Earth show, there are countless ways to stay connected despite distance. They had their rituals, their thoughts, and even the natural elements that carried their messages.

Just like the moon and the earth, you can always be close in your hearts, no matter how far apart you are physically.

It is normal to miss the other and it hurts at times. Missing also shows how important the other person is for you. And sometimes it eases the pain to hear that the other person also misses you and thinks of you, shown through small gestures or shared rituals, and opens space for the joy of finally seeing each other again.

What would be good rituals that make you feel closer to each other, that you could experience together, even if you are far away from each other?

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