September 6, 2023

The magic violin

Children’s story about the right motivation:

In a distant village, surrounded by picturesque mountains and crossed by a clear, babbling brook, lived a wise monk named Master Han. He was known for his infinite wisdom and played a magic violin that touched people’s hearts.

One day, a little girl named Yumi came to the monk’s temple. She had heard about the magic violin and wanted to learn how to play so beautifully. Master Han saw the curiosity in her eyes and gave her the violin, saying, “This violin is like a mirror pond, Yumi. It reflects what is in the heart.”

Yumi was beside herself with joy and practiced every day. Soon, a music contest was announced in the village, and Yumi saw this as her big chance. But when she was on stage, the violin failed. Instead of the sweet melodies she had expected, there were only shrill sounds. Disappointed and confused, Yumi returned to the temple.

“Master Han, why did the violin fail?” she asked with tear-filled eyes. Master Han smiled and asked, “What do you see when you look into a calm pond?”

“A clear mirror of myself,” Yumi replied.

“And what do you see when the pond is disturbed by wind and rain?”

“Distorted images, no clear reflections.”

The monk nodded. “The violin is like the pond. When your heart is calm and in tune, the violin plays sweet melodies. But when it is disturbed by other things, like the desire to win, the sounds become distorted. What do you think was bothering your music today?”

Yumi thought. “I really wanted to win. I didn’t focus on the music, I focused on winning. I thought that if I won, then I would be happy. Thought others would admire me and would want to be my friends. I didn’t focus on the music, I focused on winning.”

Master Han raised an eyebrow. “And how do you feel now?”

“Not happy,” Yumi admitted.

“You see, Yumi, sometimes what we think makes us happy is just an illusion. The real joy comes from harmony with ourselves. If you play to win and get the approval of others, you are not in tune with your true self. What if you were playing, just to play? When you play to express your feelings?”

Yumi beamed. “Then the music would be beautiful no matter what – because all that matters is that I like it and it fits how I’m feeling at that moment?”

Master Han smiled. “Now go and practice. Not to win, but to be in tune with your heart. Express your feelings in your music. And you’ll see, the violin will give you the most beautiful and apt melodies you’ve ever heard.”

Yumi understood. She took the violin and played, free from desire and expectation. And as if by magic, the violin sang a melody so sweet and clear that it silenced even the birds. She had understood the Master’s teaching: true beauty and joy come not from what we want to achieve and force to please others, but from who we are and how we express our true selves.

And so from now on, Yumi didn’t play to win in contests or for prizes. She played for pure joy and in harmony with her true self. This made her music more beautiful and unique. People felt Yumi’s passion and soul, were captivated by her and inspired to also follow their passion and express their soul in various activities.

Copyright & Copyright Text & Image, Dominik Habichtsberg, 06.09.2023

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